Civic Association of Port Tampa City, Inc. (CAPT)

CAPT was founded through the efforts of the Port Tampa Centennial in 1993 and incorporated in 1995.  The community association is a group of caring neighbors sharing and listening to issues affecting the neighborhood.  We are volunteers dedicated to the Port Tampa community and the concerns of our neighbors. The association serves as a point of contact with the city of Tampa and Hillsborough County for community issues. CAPT is a member of THAN (Tampa Homeowners, Association of Neighborhoods) and registered with the city of Tampa:  For information on city of Tampa departments and Community Partnerships links:

Geographic Boundary – Our neighborhood association is bordered on the south by MacDill Air Force Base, the west by Tampa Bay, east by Manhattan Avenue, and the north by the former Everett Street just north of McCoy Street.  Membership is open to all residents, i.e., homeowners and renters, business representatives, and affiliates of our school, library and churches.  We also welcome residents and business representatives beyond our official boundaries.

Annual Dues –  Annual dues for the 2018 calendar year are $12.00 per person payable by check or exact cash,  and  mailed to CAPT, PO Box 13631, Tampa FL 33681-3631 for receipt by January 29, 2018.   Voting rights are enabled 30 days after receipt of  payment of dues.  You do not have to be a paid member to share your thoughts and concerns for our neighborhood.

Board of Directors –  President  Tom Vento, Vice President Travis Barnes, Secretary Kali Denault, Treasurer Steve Meadows, Board Chairman Al Lewis, Board Secretary Carol Curtiss, and Board Member Sonya Sanders.  Nominations for three Board of Directors to serve  two-year terms will be accepted at the January 24, 2018 meeting.  Eligible paid members will vote for three Board members at the February 28, 2018 meeting.

Contact:  Email, find us on Facebook as Civic Association of Port Tampa-CAPT,  or leave a comment on this site.

2018  Meeting Dates – We look forward to seeing you at our 4th Wednesday of the month, 6:30 PM, meetings.  2018 meeting dates: Jan. 24, Feb. 28, Mar. 28, Apr. 25, May 23, June 27, July 25, Aug. 22, Sept. 26, and Oct. 24, 2018.  Meetings are informal and open to the public.   Join your neighbors in keeping CAPT the strong voice for our Port Tampa community.

CIVIC ASSOCIATION FIRST 2018 MEETING  – Wednesday, January 24, 6:30 PM, Port Tampa City Library, 4902 W. Commerce Street, 2nd floor Yeats meeting room.  Plan to arrive between 6:15 & 6:30 and enter through the Mascotte St. door as the front doors of the library close at 6:00 PM.   Nominations will be accepted for three Board of Directors two-year terms; voting by qualified CAPT members at the February 28 meeting.  All are welcome to attend CAPT meetings.  If you want to qualify for voting privileges, annual dues for calendar year 2018 are $12.00 per person.

Meeting Highlights October 25, 2017:  Last meeting in calendar year 2017 was called to order by Secretary Kali Denault.  Reports included update on Neighborhood Watch meeting; Tampa Police Department (TPD) citizens academy (website ); 2018 annual dues  (see Annual Dues paragraph above); nomination of candidates for three Board member positions in January; treasury bank balance is $1616.31;  Rough Riders dedication of the Port Tampa City Woman’s Club memorial plaque in  the Spanish-American War Memorial Park on November 4th; and trash being dumped on Manhattan Avenue.

Meeting Highlights September  27, 2017Call to order by President Tom Vento.    Guest speaker: County Commissioner Sandy Murman addressed several issues including hurricane Irma and evacuation, water quality, public transportation, and mosquito control.  Discussion topics:  Neighborhood Watch and revisiting the Neighborhood Plan for Port Tampa City.

Meeting Highlights August 23, 2017:  Call to order by Vice President Travis Barnes; minutes of July meeting approved; TPD report by Officer Brown; Treasurers report by Steve Meadows; Memorandum of Understanding by Lennar Homes and CAPT; Corps of Engineers permit for site west of West Shore Blvd. and south of Prescott St.; Chairman of CAPT Board of Directors Al Lewis to be honored for his community service at a dinner for Port Tampa’s Finest sponsored by the Mt. Zion AME Church on August 26, 2017; PTC Woman’s Club President Maria Chesser stated tentative date of November 4, 2017 for re-dedication of refurbished Spanish-American War Memorial Park marker, park bollards need to be replaced, and upcoming PTC Woman’s Club meeting; the Plan for Port Tampa City developed many years ago to be readdressed; and community concerns.

Meeting Highlights July 26, 2017: Call to order by President Tom Vento; TPD report by Officer Ronald Neipert: reminder to lock up homes and cars, post issues and concerns on the Next Door website  which will be noticed by TPD the following day, new program for registering home surveillance cameras to assist in crime investigation, speeding on Manhattan and request for a patrol car to be posted, and No Trespassing signs  have been installed at the former Manhattan Ave. landfill; Treasurers report; Lennar housing development status report,  more information on REZ-17-0000038 is located on  city of Tampa webpage ; City Council vote on Lennar development; and Corps of Engineers permit to fill-in marshland west of West Shore Blvd. and south of Prescott St. for proposed apartment development.

Meeting Highlights June 28, 2017:  Call to order by Vice President Travis Barnes; TPD report by Officer Ubinas; update on meetings by President Tom Vento and Travis Barnes with Lennar representatives regarding neighborhood concerns with the planned development in the south part of Port Tampa City and the July 20 rezoning hearing; and mosquito control.

From the Port Tampa City Library site: More than 50 people attended the CAPT meeting Wednesday, May 24, at the Port Tampa City Library, 4902 W. Commerce Street, 2nd floor Yeats meeting room.  Lennar Homes representatives  addressed their proposed development plan for homes in south Port Tampa City (  Search for REZ-17-0000038 and click on  Attachments)  and community concerns.   

Meeting Highlights April 26, 2017:  Call to order by President Tom Vento; self-introductions by 21 attendees.  Guest speaker Ryan Sheppard of  the city’s Code Enforcement gave examples of code violations and how the community can assist; explained daily pick-ups by Code Enforcement, how to request special pick-ups; the location of the drop-off facility; illegal dumping near Manhattan and Richardson; and the website to report illegal dumping:  Officer Jesse Madsen reported a decrease in car break-ins; encouraged calling the non-emergency number, 813.231.6130, for any suspicious activity; and informed that TPD works with homeless camps to get services and assistance for the homeless.  Megan Wade, Neighborhood Watch Liaison, reported an increase in car break-ins and reiterated calling the non-emergency hotline for suspicious activity.  Vice President Travis Barnes reported a successful cleanup at Picnic Island.  Announcements included an upcoming Port Tampa City Library program and Executive Board meeting, and a meeting on April 27 regarding the rezoning petition filed by Lennar Homes, LLC.

Meeting Highlights March 22, 2017:  Call to order by Vice President Travis Barnes. Self-introductions were made by 23 attendees.  Officer Jesse Madsen encouraged calling the non-emergency number, 813.231.6130, to report suspicious activity; cautioned to keep garage and auto doors locked and valuables out-of-sight; and reported TPD is taking an active role with the Nextdoor website:  Megan Wade, liaison for Neighborhood Watch, requested volunteers for involvement and block captains to contact her at:  Donnie Hayes and Ron Montgomery of Hillsborough County’s Mosquito Control provided in-depth information on the department, mosquito control and preventative techniques; .  Secretary Kali Denault motioned to approve minutes of the February meeting; motion approved.  Treasurer Steve Meadows reported bank balance of $1644.05.  Discussion topics included portions of the community wish list, bike path/route, street lights, sidewalks, code enforcement and upcoming events.

Meeting Highlights February 22, 2017:  Call to order by President Tom Vento. Attendance was 30 neighbors and self-introductions were made.  Minutes of the January meeting were approved.  President Vento gave an update on the planned development of the parcel southwest of Prescott and West Shore Boulevard.  Treasurer Jan Simpson reported bank balance of $1548.05 and 32 paid memberships.  (By the end of the meeting total paid memberships were 41.)  Officer Jorge Tamargo gave a report on police activity, crime and safety precautions.  Megan Wade explained her role as the Neighborhood Watch liaison.  Secretary Steve Meadows reported on commentary on the social app Nextdoor. Vice President Maria Chesser gave an update on the damage done to the Spanish-American War Memorial Park, and the March 11th Port Tampa City Woman’s Club meeting in the park that is open to the public.  New business included a community litter pick up on March 25th being organized by Lauren Knowles; April 22nd Earth Day and city-wide Keep Tampa Bay Beautiful clean up, with Travis Barnes heading the Picnic Island clean up detail; in the development stage are a community yard sale as well as a September event at West Shore Elementary.

Election of Officers:  The slate of nominees for a two-year term was approved at the February meeting: President Tom Vento, Vice President Travis Barnes, Secretary Kali Denault, and Treasurer Steve Meadows.  They will join the three members of the Board of Directors: Chairman Al Lewis, Secretary Carol Curtiss and Member Sonya Sanders.

Highlights of January 25, 2017 Meeting:  Call to order by President Tom Vento. Attendance was over 50 neighbors and each attendee introduced themselves.  Treasurer Jan Simpson reported 17 individual membership payments had been received by January 23rd and those are the eligible voters at the February annual meeting; individuals submitting annual membership dues after January 23rd have voting privileges 30 days after receipt of payment; account balance of $1331.05.  Minutes of the October 26 meeting were approved.  Officer Jason Brown explained his new assignment to our area which is in Zone 6. Discussion of crime, auto, home and garage burglaries.  Attendees discussed the community wish list and prospective guest speakers; CAPT’s membership in the Tampa Homeowners, Association of Neighborhoods; nominations for and election of officers; using Survey Monkey to update the wish list; completion of  Manhattan Avenue extension; traffic study; input on planned development; right turn lane from westbound Interbay to northbound West Shore Boulevard; and repair of bollards at the Spanish-American War Memorial Park.


More information on the history of Port Tampa City and CAPT is included in the book Port Tampa City – A History of Changein the reference section of the Port Tampa City Library.


CAPT Accomplishments include:

1. CAPT represents the 3,000 residents of Port Tampa City at government and special interest meetings

2. CAPT welcomes City Council Members, Mayors, and County Commissioners to our neighborhood meetings

3. CAPT challenged the City when they wanted to close Kwane Doster Center

4. CAPT challenged the City when they wanted to relocate the fire station in between two houses on Interbay

5. CAPT challenged (with an injunction) to prohibit Florida Power & Light from deploying hundreds of additional trucks scheduled for Port Tampa roads. We won and were a vital voice in the fight against the use of deadly orimulsion in Tampa Bay

6. CAPT hosted neighborhood tours for the State Neighborhood Convention and the Henry B Plant Museum

7. CAPT challenged the City several times when someone wanted to turn the “Hill” into a private development project

8. For over a decade, CAPT continued to partner with other organizations to present the community’s Holiday Tree Lighting festivities on the second Saturday in December in our Spanish-American War Memorial Park (SAWMP)

9. CAPT held the award winning “Promenade Port Tampa” tours to showcase the community

10. CAPT held “Bag One for Port Tampa” long before the City created the SWEEP or Clean City Programs to clean up trash in the neighborhood

11. CAPT held parties at the “Hill” on Wall St. for Mac Dill’s Air Festival

12. CAPT held a Fire Fighters Appreciation Day

13. CAPT produced a monthly neighborhood newsletter the PTC Beacon II 1994 – 2001

14. CAPT held Candidate forums in election years

15. CAPT created the website and a Facebook page

16. CAPT members participated in the Community Foundation’s Neighborhood Leadership Program

17. CAPT continues to work with developers and governmental departments on plans and projects to benefit the neighborhood; some come to fruition and some fall by the way side.

18. CAPT collaborated with City, County & State to relocate PTC Library on Interbay to the Commerce Bank building (The Port Tampa City Library & Maritime Reading Room is designated as a historic landmark)

19. CAPT encouraged the City to purchase and dedicate Spanish-American War Memorial Park (SAWM Park) -A one million dollar investment in our neighborhood

20. CAPT worked with developers to add the first paved greenway trail in Port Tampa

21. CAPT helped vision and dedicate the new recreation center on Lancaster Street

22. CAPT monitors traffic problems on Interbay Blvd, West Shore Blvd, and Commerce
Idaho and McCoy streets

23. CAPT worked with City & Hillsborough County to place 1000+ acres of wetlands/ uplands under Environmental Lands Protection Program ELAPP (A two million dollar+ investment in our neighborhood)

24. CAPT worked with developers & City to secure ten thousand dollars for improvements to SAWM Park; funding is half paid and being held by our friends at the PTC Woman’s Club so if you have suggestions let us know……

25. CAPT cleaned the old jail house and recreated it as a Police Substation

26. CAPT bought bicycles for Community Oriented Police Officers

27. CAPT worked with City to add paved and shaded greenway trail along Manhattan

28. CAPT worked with the Planning Commission on a ten goals for neighborhood future development

29. CAPT worked with developers & City to get the “big ditch” dredged and clear trails to Picnic Island Bayou

30. CAPT supported West Shore Elementary fundraising programs including Community Fall Festival

31. CAPT refurbished pool tables and bought new balls and cue sticks for both Community Centers

32. CAPT supported South Tampa Chamber of Commerce programs to benefit PTC community projects

33. CAPT worked with City to repair and replace sidewalks throughout the neighborhood

34. CAPT worked with the Port Tampa City Woman’s Club to replace the gazebo in the SAWMP

35.  CAPT  successfully lobbied for installation of a traffic signal at the intersection of Interbay Boulevard with West Shore/Commerce Street.  (December 29, 2014)

36.  Thanks to the perseverance of the Port Tampa City Woman’s Club, playground equipment was been installed on park property on Prescott Street and SAWMP as well as irrigation improvements in the SAWMP. Dedication ceremony was held May 9, 2015.


7 Responses to Civic Association of Port Tampa City, Inc. (CAPT)

  1. lola says:

    CAPT has accomplished a lot for the Port Tampa community. It is not political. It is a group of caring neighbors, sharing and listening to information affecting the neighborhood, and volunteers helping to keep PT a great place to live, play, work, and raise our kids. To do even more for PT, it would be great to have more residents attend the monthly meetings.

  2. Jan says:

    CAPT’s mailing address has changed to P.O. Box 13631, Tampa FL 33681.

  3. Kim martin says:

    The old jail has not been refurbished. I think it would be great if the jail was refurbished and used as a substation for the police it would be great for their presence alone it certainly would curve some of the drug activity and speeding 3 wheelers and cars

  4. Sandra Campbell says:

    CAPT needs to get involved with the residents opposing the Lennar project that will impact not only our environment and traffic but also our peaceful life style. You should also inform your 4,ooo members of the project that will surely disrupt their lives for the next 3 years.
    Lennar sent out only 340 invitations to the information meeting they had on 4/24. It seems they were very selective of who they included.
    Please let me know if somethong can be done to organize a meeting prior to the 24th since the City Counsel hearing is scheduled for June 9th.

    • Jan says:

      Sandra, I have not yet received a copy of the agenda for CAPT’s May 24th meeting but have been told that a representative of Lennar Homes will be at the meeting, 6:30pm, 2nd floor meeting room of the Port Tampa City Library. Hope you can join in the discussion.

  5. I am elderly and it is not possible for me to attend meetings. I do not believe that any new homes should be allowed in this area until the drainage, wider streets, and sidewalks or walking areas are met. Also I do not believe that they can not make safe walking areas as they have done in other areas by wooden passovers. Also the thinking of people that think sidewalks are for parking on. Thank you

  6. Jan Simpson says:

    Lianne, thank you for your comments on the Lennar proposal. I will share your message with the CAPT Board of Directors. Wishing you well, Jan

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